Lysobac – Recombinant human lysozyme

Animal component free lysozyme for bacterial lysis, food preservation, and diagnostic applications

Product Name: Lysobac – Recombinant human lysozyme

Product Number: 777LYS016

Product Form: Powder


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Product Description

Lysobac is a recombinant human lysozyme that is suitable for uses as a preservative in foods and beverages, diagnostic applications, bioprocessing and life science research. Lysobac is four times more active per mg for lysing Micrococcus and E. coli., when compared with the highly variable chicken lysozyme and thus is a more effective as a preservative. Lysobac also eliminates any concerns regarding consumers with egg allergies.


  • Manufactured in the United States, in a tertiary-level, animal component-free, ISO 9001 certified facility
    • Raw materials, manufacturing equipment, and packaging is certified animal-free
    • Host manufacturing system is of non-animal and non-human source
    • Complete supply and manufacturing chain is owned and operated by InVitria
  • Supplied as a lyophilized powder
  • Four times as active per mg for lysing MicroCoccus and E. coli than chicken lysozyme
  • Provides minimal risk to denaturing of target proteins

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