Optiferrin – Recombinant human transferrin

The most effective way to deliver iron in cell culture without any oxidative reactions or cell damage caused by other iron sources.

Product Name: Optiferrin – Recombinant human transferrin

Product Number: 777TRF029

Product Form: Powder


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Product Description

Optiferrin is recombinant human transferrin that is completely blood-free. Optiferrin’s performance is equivalent to human holo transferrin in cell culture and offers significant regulatory advantages due to its safety and consistency. Optiferrin is suitable for a broad range of cell types that include stem, primary, and bioproduction cells.


  • Manufactured in the United States, in a tertiary-level, animal component-free, ISO 9001 certified facility
    • Raw materials, manufacturing equipment, and packaging is certified animal-free
    • Host manufacturing system is of non-animal and non-human source
    • Complete supply and manufacturing chain is owned and operated by InVitria
  • Supplied as a lyophilized powder

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