OptiPEAK HEK293t

Blood-free chemically defined adherent HEK293t cell expansion media

Product Name: OptiPEAK HEK293t

Product Number: 555CDK0021

Product Form: Liquid - Complete Media


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Product Description

OptiPEAK HEK293t was optimized for chemically defined blood-free expansion of adherent HEK 293t cells for production of viral vectors used in gene therapy or vaccines. OptiPEAK HEK293t is supplied as a two-part kit to make one liter of complete media. A 40mL frozen concentrated protein supplement is supplied and should be thawed, as directed, and combined with 960mL of base media to make one liter of complete media. OptiPEAK HEK293t is suitable for research use.


  • Achieve cell growth and productivity objectives without using serum
  • Proven performance in iCELLis® for expansion of adherent HEK293t cells
  • Does not contain undefined plant hydrolysates, human blood-derived components or animal-derived components
  • Manufactured in the United States, in a tertiary-level, animal component-free, ISO 9001 certified facility


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