Custom Media Formulation

Let us do the heavy lifting

Custom Media Formulation doesn’t have to be hard. InVitria’s team of experts can optimize your media, letting you get back to your research

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Blood-free Media

No serum and no blood products are used in formulations

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Optimized formulations deliver comparable or superior performance to FBS

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Supply Chain

Transparent media formulation
More control over supply chain and scalability

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Faster time to market

Streamline the regulatory approval process by removing blood-derived components

About Us

InVitria offers custom media formulations to help customers optimize performance, safety, consistency, and affordability of cell culture media while maintaining complete animal and human serum component-free status

When I was working on a serum free media project the Cellastim product was a 'breakthrough' discovery."

Regenerative Medicine Company

InVitria scientists working on blood-free cell culture media formulations