InVitria will double biomanufacturing capacity for recombinant proteins, reagents and cell culture products

Breaks ground to expand scalable, cost-efficient facility in Junction City, Kansas

Junction City, Kansas – September 6, 2017 – InVitria, a division of Ventria Bioscience, today announced an expansion of biomanufacturing and laboratory facilities to roughly double its capacity for production of recombinant proteins. The company broke ground today on the expansion of its product development and manufacturing capacity in Junction City, Kansas.

InVitria manufactures high-quality, defined, animal-free reagents and cell culture products, marketed globally by the company itself and through leading laboratory supply distributors.

“We are very pleased to announce this expansion. As InVitria’s business continues to grow, we are excited about serving our customers and partners globally, as well as contributing to the vibrant economy of Junction City and central Kansas,” said Scott E. Deeter, President and Chief Executive Officer of InVitria and Ventria Bioscience. “The proven effectiveness of our unique technology for biomanufacturing is gaining recognition in the industry, and our pipeline of recombinant proteins has the potential to make a real difference for our customers – who include some of the largest biopharma and cell therapy companies in the world.”

InVitria’s high-quality, defined, animal-free products include: Cellastim and Cellastim S, recombinant albumin; Optiferrin, recombinant transferrin; ITSE cell culture media supplement formulated for improved serum-reduced or serum-free cell growth; Lacromin, recombinant lactoferrin; Lysobac, recombinant lysozyme, and recombinant Leukemia Inhibitory Factor.

Construction on the 3,000-square-foot addition to InVitria’s facilities, representing an investment of more than $1.5 million, will begin immediately.

About InVitria

InVitria, a division of Ventria Bioscience Inc., was founded with the goal of providing the biotechnology industry with innovative products to improve performance of cell culture and biomanufacturing. InVitria does this by allowing customers to eliminate animal components from their cell-based processes. Removing these components helps improve consistency, safety and productivity. InVitria’s products have many uses across the life science industry including in regenerative medicine, cellular therapy, biomanufacturing, vaccines, diagnostics and medical devices. For more information, visit

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