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Learn how recombinant transferrin enhances transient transfection and functional titer in viral vector production.

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Cell Culture Media & The Emergence of Blood-Free Components

In this new application note, we explore the different media types -- from traditional serum-containing media to serum-free media to novel chemically defined, blood-free media. Click on the image to download and read this paper to learn more about these terms and how they affect your development and manufacturing processes.

Vaccine Development Webinar

Vaccine development and speed to market are no longer concerns for scientists and biotech companies. These are part of popular culture and topics of every-day conversation. We're proud to be part of the solution on how to move drug products to market faster, safer, and with unmatched quality.

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The global leader in the production of blood-free components, supplements, and media to facilitate the approval of life changing medicines.

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InVitria Serum Free Cell Culture Media Components & Optimization

Product Applications

InVitria’s portfolio of chemically defined blood-free products enables development and production of novel therapeutics without use of any blood-derived components.

Click on the application of interest to find out how our products set the new standards in biologics manufacturing.

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Product Types

InVitria offers a suite of recombinant protein products, each of which is completely free of animal or human components and produced in a scalable, non-mammalian recombinant expression system at an ISO9001:2015 certified facility in Kansas, USA.

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Custom Media Formulation

InVitria is the leading brand of custom media formulations for gene therapy, cell therapy, vaccine & antibody production, and related culturing applications. Contact us to discuss your cell culture needs. Let us do the heavy lifting!

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  • Blood-Free & Chemically Defined
  • High Performance
  • Reliable Supply Chain
  • Faster Time to Market

2021 Product Catalog

Download InVitria’s Product Catalog to learn more about our:

  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Cell Culture Supplements
  • Blood-Free Cell Culture Media

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