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  • Exbumin– Recombinant human albumin excipient

    Exbumin® – Recombinant human albumin excipient

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  • ITS Animal-Free Blood-free cell culture media supplement, three bottles

    ITS AF – Blood-free cell culture media supplement

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  • ITSE + Albumin AF kit recombinant blood-free insulin transferrin albumin cell culture media supplement

    ITSE + A – Blood-free cell culture media supplement

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  • ITSE AF kit recombinant insulin and transferring cell culture 100x media supplement

    ITSE Animal-Free® – Blood-free cell culture media supplement

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  • Lacromin Kit 1000g 100g 10g bottles of recombinant human lactoferrin

    Lacromin® – Recombinant human holo-lactoferrin

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  • OptiPeak HEK293t

    OptiPEAK® HEK293t

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  • Bottles of OptiPEAK T Lymphocyte Kit for research and immunotherapy

    OptiPEAK® T Lymphocyte

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  • OptiVERO Liquid Complete Media Kit blood-free chemically defined VERO-based virus protection media


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  • Cellastim S Kit Recombinant human albumin rHSA blood free serum

    Cellastim S® – Recombinant human albumin

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  • 1 Liter and 10 mL Bottles of Optibumin Recombinant Human Albumin (rHSA)

    Optibumin® – Recombinant human albumin

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  • Optiferrin Recombinant human transferrin blood free cellular iron transport

    Optiferrin® – Recombinant human transferrin

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  • RhLIF - Recombinant Human Leukemia Inhibitory Factor

    Leukemia Inhibitory Factor

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  • Lysobac Kit Recombinant human lysozyme for food and beverage preservatives, diagnostic applications, bioprocessing and life science research

    Lysobac® – Recombinant human lysozyme

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  • Lysosure Recombinant Lysozyme 10kg egg free for food processing

    LysoSure® – Recombinant lysozyme

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