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InVitria –Performance. Defined.

InVitria, a division of Ventria Bioscience, was founded with the goal of providing the biotechnology industry with innovative products to improve cell culture and biomanufacturing. InVitria does this by allowing customers to eliminate animal components from their cell-based processes. Removing these components helps improve consistency, safety and efficiency. InVitria’s products are recombinant proteins that are manufactured in our manufacturing facility in Junction City, Kansas. These products have many uses across the life science industry including in regenerative medicine, cellular therapy, biomanufacturing, vaccines, diagnostics and medical devices.

Animal components such as fetal bovine serum (FBS), bovine and human serum albumin, and bovine and human transferrin have been popular ingredients in many biological processes, but in the 1990’s scientists began searching for ways to remove serum and other animal products due to concerns about product quality, safety and animal stewardship. Animal products are undesirable because they pose a risk of transmitting infectious agents such as prions (Mad Cow Disease) and virus (HIV). In addition, animal components and blood derived products are undefined leading to high batch-to-batch variation. For these reasons, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other regulatory bodies discourage use of these animal components.

To date, InVitria has developed and commercialized eight recombinant proteins and cell culture media supplements. InVitria’s product development team has an active program to expand this product line based on customer needs.

At InVitria, we are proud of our team and our partnerships.

InVitria’s team is committed to providing innovative solutions to the most pressing cell culture challenges today.

“Helping customers integrate these animal component free products to improve their processes and reach their commercial objectives is what excites me about InVitria”

“I like working with our customer auditors who are responsible for approving InVitria as a vendor. They come from some of the most successful biopharmaceutical and life science companies in the world, so their expectations are high. Our expectations are also high and that leads to a successful outcome.”

– Pat Smith, Director, Quality

As a Division of Ventria Bioscience, InVitria has access to Ventria’s Board of Directors and their expertise and successful history. These leaders include:

  • a member of the National Academies of Science and 2003 Biotechnology Heritage Award Winner,
  • former Chairman and CEO of the largest plant biotechnology company in the world,
  • two founders of Chiron Corporation (now Novartis),
  • former President of Johnson & Johnson’s diagnostics business,
  • Chairman of PRA International, a leading clinical trial CRO,
  • the former President of Millipore’s Bioscience Division, and
  • two General Partners of leading healthcare venture capital firms.

Together, the Ventria Board of Directors have amassed over 120 years of biotechnology experience, registered over 145 patents, and published over 600 scientific papers. Click to read more about the Board of Directors

InVitria has partnered with two worldwide distributors, Sigma-Aldrich and Fisher Scientific . Our distribution network also includes several regional distributors for customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. This extensive distribution network provides our customers with a full compliment of purchasing, logistics and product support options to best fit their needs. Click to read more about our Distributors (Link to new distributors page)

At InVitria, we are passionate about our products and our customers.

”We are committed to provide safe, cost-effective solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges: improving productivity and enhancing consistency by removing animal derived components”

Scott Deeter, President

InVitria has several research collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies, leading Universities, the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control to further our product development and identify new product opportunities. For academic researchers, InVitria offers support through its BioShare program.

At InVitria, we are dedicated to quality and safety.

As part of Ventria Bioscience, InVitria utilizes Ventria’s patented recombinant protein manufacturing technology called ExpressTec.

“ExpressTec provides a safe, affordable and sustainable manufacturing platform for InVitria to manufacture its recombinant proteins in a completely animal-free system”

We hope to work with you soon.

Above all, InVitria is dedicated to solving the issues of our customers with our friendly and helpful team of experts. Please let us know how we can help you by emailing at info@invitria.com or calling 1-800-916-8311.


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