Virus Production Using VERO Cells in Flasks without Serum in Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media

{{cta(‘1784143b-e10e-4e9c-a96b-547fe26397a1′,’justifyright’)}}Workflow Summary: Combine kit supplements of OptiVERO. Prepare complementary reagents. Wash cells to remove traces of FBS and harvest from growth surface. Seed in OptiVERO and grow to confluence. Add desired virus to be expanded in minimal basal EMEM. Incubate for 2 hours at 37°C. Add fresh OptiVERO. Allow virus expansion for 3-13 days. Quantify virus …

Reducing Serum-Associated Contaminants from Growth Media in Primary Cell Culture

{{cta(’69ee1f5b-c83e-4fe4-818c-23a9c8839a31′,’justifyright’)}}Workflow Summary: Supplement basal media with ITSE + A to a final 1x-2x concentration. Reduce typical percentage of added FBS by 50-90%. Expand cells as normal in ITSE + A supplemented media for desired expansion time. Perform post-expansion cell count and doubling-time calculation.